Our Story


From Architecture to Fashion

Designing bags has always been a passion of mine, deeply integrated with my background in architecture. After earning a BA in Architecture, I established my own firm, focusing on designing residential buildings and interior spaces. However, my interest in fashion never diminished, leading me to study leather bag design in my 40s.

The Symbolism Behind Our Brand's Logo

The logo of our brand features wings—a symbol of the challenges I've overcome and the dreams I've pursued. Each wing in our logo represents my journey towards achieving those dreams.


My Design Journey in Ethiopia

The beginning of my venture into bag design started with a family connection. My brother Gadi, who is married to Tsegereda, both Ethiopian citizens, invited me to Ethiopia for a design project. Accompanied by my partner Eli, I traveled there, and we were instantly captivated by the country's vibrant culture, warm people, and breathtaking landscapes.

Launching Our Bag Line

In Ethiopia I discovered high-quality leather, a clear indication of the nation's rich natural resources and sustainable practices. Inspired by this discovery and supported by Eli's strategic planning, we embarked on creating a line of bags that combines aesthetic appeal with functional design, reflecting both our love for Ethiopia and our complementary strengths as a team.